Contact moments (regarding the same email address) automatically among themselves, regardless the channel

E-mails that are sent from the same email address are automatically listed, but if a ticket arrives via the Flowbot (using the same email address), it will not be placed directly between the contact moments.

It would be very useful if, when agreeing on the e-mail address, the contact moments are automatically arranged, regardless of whether this is a Flowbot, Facebook or email ticket.

I understand that it can be achieved manually by means of linking a profile, but it seems to me a nice addition to your product if this happens automatically. That quickly saves the following actions:

  1. Click: '' + Link profile ''
  2. Click: "Search profile .."
  3. Click: '' + new profile ''
  4. Enter profile name
  5. Click: '' + ''
  6. Search for another ticket using e-mail address
  7. Open ticket
  8. Click: '' + Link profile ''
  9. Click: "Search profile .."
  10. Search by created profile name
  11. Click on the profile name

After manual linking, new contact moments from this customer will appear directly below the contact moments, but the chance that this manual linking will not help me, because I probably will never be in contact with this customer again, but the new customers have not yet been linked .

It seems a nice addition to your product, see if you put it on the wish list (maybe it is very easy to implement?).

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  • At this moment at Trengo we work with Contacts and Profiles. 

    A contact is one person reaching out to Trengo, using one channel. 

    You can combine multiple contacts via a profile. 

    At this moment this is a manual process, because there can always be a human check to see whether this is actual the same person. 

    At our office we are very trained in creating and linking profiles. We start creating a profile at the first contact moment a customer has, so with future contact moments, it is only about linking that contact to the right profile. 

    • Tamara Berner Hi Tamara, bedankt voor jouw reactie! Toch denk ik dat er geen menselijke controle nodig is om te zien dat exact hetzelfde e-mailadres werkelijk bij dezelfde persoon hoort. Ik dacht dat het een handige toevoeging kon zijn aan dit mooie product, maar ik begrijp dat niet alles opgepakt kan worden. Groetjes

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